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The Fresh Details

  • Clean Fresh Scent
  • All natural and biodegradable
  • Truly eliminates odor, doesn't simply mask it with fragrance
  • VOC free
  • Military grade, veteran made

DGS-420 Odor Eliminating Spray (8 oz.)

  • Detroit Grit DGS-420 eliminates odor on your clothes, shoes, work boots, hands, skin, hair, or any surface that smells. DGS-420 breaks down odor and its carbon bonds at a molecular level, leaving you with an odor-free surface. A must-have in any stinky environment that deodorizes and kills bacteria in shoes, and eliminates odors from industrial coolants and oil, engine exhaust, fish, cigars, or othe smelly, smoky conditions. Use any time smells aren't accepted such as at home or in the board room. 

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