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The Fragrant Details

  • Safely and naturally neutralizes lingering odors while emiting a fresh scent 
  • Great for industrial, marine, or home use
  • Treats up to 450 feet
  • Continues to work for 60 to 90 days
  • VOC compliant
  • Military grade, veteran made

Clean Citrus Odor Beads (12 oz)

  •  Detroit Grit Beads trap and neutralize unwanted odors, leaving behind a light, pleasant fragrance. Simply remove the insert from the perforated cap and place in any room where odors linger. One 12 oz. container restores an area approximately 450 square feet for 90 days, much cheaper than plug-ins that only last 30 days. Plus, the convenient see-through jar lets you know when a replacement is needed. Available in pleasant Citrus Orange, cool Ocean Breeze, and fun Trippy Hippy Patchouli.  Detroit Grit Odor Beads...creating a clean smelling environment just got a little more masculine.

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